Frik's Knives

Custom-designed knives

I am a knifemaker residing outside the sleepy rural town of Northam, Limpopo. All my knives are lovingly crafted in my fully-equipped workshop, which features all the knifemaking tools and machinery needed to produce top-quality artisan blades.

Throughout my knifemaking career, I have attended various courses run by well-known knifemakers. Among these courses are Fixed Blade and Linerlock Folding Knives at Herbst Knife Academy, Introduction to Blades, Smithing, and Damascus courses at Heavin Forge, Linerlock from Jan Hendrik Viljoen, and Advanced Damascus from Henning Wilkinson.

I forge my own Damascus steel and my shop is equipped with a power hammer and a 25-ton hydraulic press.

Fixed Blades

Fixed blades, also known as sheath blades, are blades that are fixed to their handles. Because they do not have any moving parts, fixed blades are known for their strength. These knives have many applications, depending on their shape.

Folding Blades

Folding blades are knives that are able to pivot and fold back into a slot in the handle. Folding blades feature a safety locking mechanism and come in an array of different styles, sizes,  and finishes. Owing to their design, these blades are especially convenient to store.

Damascus Blades

Damascus steel is a specialty steel that has been forged to display patterning in the metal. Available in both folding and fixed blade designs, a Damascus steel blade is a beautiful and unique addition to the collection of any knife enthusiast.

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